Therap Login

Therap Login is an online portal provided by Therap Services LLC. which is an web service organization and it offers an integrated solution for documentation, reporting, and communication for the needs of agencies providing support to people with developmental disabilities.

Therap Login allows the people only who have existing accounts to access the provided services. It has been designed to provide the exchange of information among co-workers in a secure and HIPAA compliant way. If you're an employee for Therap Services LLC., you can make use of Therap Login to communicate with your colleagues or group of colleagues when you want to share the information on administrative, personal, or individual care related issues.

How to Log into Your Online Profile Using Therap Services

  • To sign into Therap Services Login account, you need to follow below mentioned steps that included: 
  • In the initial step, go to your preferred web browser and visit website address. 
  • In the top menu, click on the Secure Login button. 
  • After entering into the home page, enter your login credentials information including user id or login id, password, and provider code. 
  • Finally, click on login button to sign into your account. 

Reset Therap Password

Unfortunately, there is no possibility to reset your password. If you're not able to remember your password or would like to change it for whatever reason, you need to contact the administrator of an organization. 

Therap App

Therap App will be allowed to access by users only who having an active accounts for accessing Therap Login service. If you're unable to log into the app or not getting into the home page, you can contact your provider administrator.

If you do not have an active account but you're interested to sign up for Therap Login, you can go to and create your own account. Therap App is a collection of modules such as ISP data, T-log, MAR, and password reset modules which can be used by healthcare professionals. Mobile T-Log features will be allowed the users to do:
  • View a list of unread T-Logs by notification levels 
  • create new T-Logs with photos 
  • Mark T-Logs as read 
Here, you should make a note that you need to contact your administrator to access to the T-Log Module on Therap. Mobile ISP data features included: 

  • Collection of service data from any location 
  • Capturing pictures of individuals at the location of service and adding signatures with finger tips or stylus pens. 
  • Electronic visit verification by recording location through GPS. 

Mobile MAR features involved: 

  • Ability to record and administer scheduled or PRN medications and treatments
  • Allows to access to the list of scheduled medications 
  • There are different kind of options to view allergies, diagnosis, and images of medications. 

Note: Only current users will be allowed to access Mobile MAR features through Therap Services app. Mobile scheduling or EVV feature offers:
  • There is an option to check in, check out and add comments after the service delivery 
  • Access to view schedules for a specific date on the available list agenda.